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X45 Tharsis – Glass Pool Table

Vitrik surface, cutting-edge, minimalist, and fun

Good things come in two, and our X-45 is our minimalist answer to our new flagship glass-top pool table, the X-77. The X-Series tables represent the world’s first functional glass top and frame pool tables, which conform to the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) standards.

With our solely owned and patented Vitrik surface on the glass, the balls allow spin/English while also providing total impact protection from gameplay to the glass underneath and allowing the balls to roll smoothly and quietly. See our videos page for a demonstration of the ball’s behaviour.

The machined glass supports, bonded to the glass and similar in appearance to the G-1 discs, ensure our signature industrial design motif continues through all our product lines. The symmetrical, angled frame is designed to hold the attention of even the most discerning individual.

The frame comprises six legs, each consisting of two 15mm toughened “crystal” safety glass. The panels are held together and supported by CNC machined steel brackets that protect the bottom of the glass from direct force and distribute the sheer and perpendicular forces associated with everyday use of the table.

Unique to this design, the balls run inside the legs through to a central ball runner. At the centre of the table. The balls are then directed to a central leg, where the balls quietly drop through two layers of tracks going back and forth, reminiscent of balls in a pinball machine.

This table is cutting-edge, minimalist, and fun. Inspired by arcade games of the 1980s but made for the 21st century, watching the balls run silently between inside the legs and drop through the guides onto the final collector makes this table particularly special for those with discerning tastes and young at heart.

Vitrik retains consistent roll characteristics over its lifetime, unlike cloth, which varies with wear, damage, chalk build-up, and whether it has been brushed recently.

We provide our custom ball set to work with Vitrik. If your Vitrik surface is damaged or worn from heavy usage, it can be recovered on-site.

A warranty of 10 years applies to our tables.

From AUD$121,200 (USD$83,080*)

Available in 8’ x 4’

* USD Pricing is Indicative only. Updated weekly using
Custom designed, built and installed game room pieces that are simply out of this world