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Glass-Top Tables

Offering you with a high quality range of ultra modern pool tables

G1 Virtuoso – Glass Pool Table

Our most popular design, the G1 Virtuoso features a striking industrial design with strong lines eminating from its centre. This pool table will be the centrepiece of any room in which it is placed.

Watching pocketed balls make their way through the intricate pathway around the framework is a spectacle in itself and allows you to enjoy the pocketing of the balls long after the ball is sunk.

Our pool tables combine ultra modern styling with patented technology: 15mm (0.6”) thick monolithic float glass top with our proprietary transparent Vitrik playing surface on top.

G4 Phoenix – Glass Pool Table

A pool table with ultra minimalist lines combined with no-compromise heavy duty construction for an unobstructed view through the crystal clear playing area and accurate game play.

Features a secondary transparent coated glass layer under the playing surface to make a feature of pocketed balls. Dropping onto a clear pad, they then roll silently under the playing area to one end, giving a gorgeous floating effect.

Our pool tables feature the latest innovation in pool tables: a 15mm (0.6”) thick glass top with our proprietary transparent Vitrik playing surface on top.

G7 Mode – Glass Pool Table

Glass panels intertwined with metal support elements create a multi-dimensional art piece framed with a ingenious fabric lined hanging ball collection panel.

Fully exposed pockets allow pocketed balls to be clearly seen, the edges of the glass top are exposed and polished to a perfectly clear finish and our ‘floating rail’ design gives a visual gap between the edges of the rails and glass.

Designed for an ultra-modern interior with ultra-clean, minimalist lines.

Custom designed, built and installed game room pieces that are simply out of this world