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We offer a wide range of finishes and customisations for your pool table

Chrome Plating

For an absolutely stunning metallic finish, we are able to offer chrome and 24ct gold plating.

With every plated section of metal entirely hand-polished, the end results are astounding.

We can also plate various individual components of your pool table to match any theme in your decor.

LED Lighting

Create a stunning, attention-grabbing effect on your pool table with our programmable LED lighting. Colours can be adjusted to any combination with the Wi-Fi remote offering several pre-programmed features.

Compatible with C-Bus or Smart House system via an optional adapter.

Two Pack (Grand Piano) Finish

Our luxurious automotive-grade two-pack finish is available in gloss, satin or matte and can be matched to your sample colour to a high degree of accuracy using spectrophotometer paint-matching technology.

Several layers of colour and clear coats are applied, and alternatingly hand sanded/polished to create an incredibly deep gloss or perfectly flat matt finish. It is a highly labour-intensive process, similar to the process used by Rolls-Royce, but the results are spectacular.

Included on the G1 pool table as standard, it is a worthwhile upgrade for the G4 and G7 pool tables.

Powder Coating

High-quality Interpon powder coats are available in a wide range of colours and included in the G4 and G7 tables. The range of powder coats we use are durable, attractive, and rich – available in gloss, satin, textured/patterned and matte.


Our cushions, and ball return platform on the G7, feature the Warwick’s Macro Suede fabric range available in a wide range of colours to match your décor.

Macro Suede is a synthetic suede developed for heavy-wearing five-star environments and is easy to clean. Both luxurious and extremely durable.

Custom designed, built and installed game room pieces that are simply out of this world