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Frequently Asked Questions

How do our pool tables work? How and where do I order your products? How much do they cost?

If you have any additional questions that are not listed below, please contact us.

How on earth does a glass pool table work?

We invented the glass pool table to take advantage of the stellar properties of glass. It is inherently flat and level and a very stiff, hard material. 

We have created a coating that is applied to the top of the glass (called Vitrik), which takes the place of traditional cloth by providing rolling resistance, sound deadening (so the ball rolls quietly over the hard surface) and shock absorption (to prevent cue strikes and ball impacts being transferred to the glass underneath). 

Our Vitrik and Levian surfaces are a rubbery feeling, clear material that makes the ball behave as you would expect, while being durable and completely non toxic. It withstands impact from game play and gives the balls an incredibly smooth and quiet roll over the glass, it is a truly incredible experience! 

What is the playing surface and how does it work?

The playing surface is called ‘Vitrik’ it is a transparent material with a fine mesh embedded that is fixed to the glass, allowing the balls to roll silently at a rate similar to a standard cloth table, plus spin(English) can be applied. It’s highly tear resistant and completely non-toxic. Please view our video to see our table in action, you will see that the balls indeed behave as they should. 

The Vitrik surface will give years of game play, depending on usage it may need to be recovered (just as cloth tables do), please contact us to have it recovered. We offer a 12 month warranty on the playing surface against workmanship. Warranty does not cover wear and tear, or misuse.

We provide a custom finish set of 2 1/4″ balls for use on our playing surface. 

How much do your pool tables cost and how long do they take to build?

This depends on exchange rate (Australian dollar to US dollar), but typically our pool tables are in the $50,000 – $100,000 USD range. These are exclusive, custom made, high end, hand delivered products. 

Our standard build time is 16 weeks from receiving the first 50% deposit. 

Please contact us for a quote.

How or where do I order your products and what is the process?

Please contact us for pricing or to be put in touch with a local dealer to assist with the sales process. 

We have extensive experience working with interior designers, architects, assistants and also directly with our clients too. We work closely with you to select/match colour schemes and also for any customisations to our existing product or to build an entirely new product for them.

We require 50% deposit to commence the build and 50% upon completion prior to shipping. We air freight and deliver to the customer’s door. 

We understand your needs and requirements of your project. We have experience in working with difficult installations such as high rise buildings, craning the pool table in through a window, carrying across high end flooring and being careful to fit in with you or your clients tastes. 

We have sold to customers on every continent and we fly our craftsmen out to install virtually anywhere on the globe. 

What is it like to play on?

The experience is truly unique. The balls roll at a speed that is very similar to an average cloth/slate table.  The balls glide quietly on the playing surface. Vitrik is a transparent rubbery material with a fine mesh embedded, it isn’t made of small fibres like cloth, so the balls roll very smoothly.

What type of bumpers are used?

All of our pool tables use the international-standard triangle section (called K-66) rubber bumpers for accurate rebound.

What size are the pool tables available in?

The G1 is available in both 8’ and 7’ sizing, all other tables are only available in 8’ at this stage. Of course, if you require a table in 7’ we are more than happy to accommodate. A longer build time, and small additional cost, will apply as we will need to re-scale the pool table proportionally from the ground up.

What size are the pockets?

The pockets and bumper dimensions are identical to international standard billiard tables.

Can the glass break easily?

No. The glass is 15mm(0.6”) thick, and is a one piece Monolithic Float Glass and is completely protected from the impacts of game play by the 1mm (0.0.4″) thick shock-absorbing Vitrik playing surface.

An errant cue or airborne ball won’t break the glass, due to the shock absorbing nature of the Vitrik surface. However, as with traditional slate tops, it’s not completely impervious to damage if you tried!

How durable is the pool table playing surface? What happens if I destroy it?

The Vitrik playing surface is rubbery to the touch and resistant to tearing, scratching and abrasion. A firm cue strike directly to the surface can put a small permanent mark on the surface. This requires a fair amount of force and compared with cloth, it is much more resistant to tearing. Cutting it with a blade or other sharp object can damage it too, just like virtually any other material. 

If you do happen to damage your existing Vitrik playing surface, we can arrange for it to be replaced onsite. 

Why glass instead of slate?

Like slate, glass is very strong, rigid and provides excellent flatness even in large unsupported areas.

We use monolithic float glass in our pool table tops. It is called ‘float’ glass as it is the glass is cast in liquid form onto a bed of molten metal, typically tin. The liquid glass then solidifies with a uniform thickness and perfectly level surface due to gravity. 

Our G-1 and G-7 pool tables feature exposed polished edges of the glass playing area. 

Glass also integrates beautifully with modern interiors, as it’s used extensively in modern furniture and interior fittings.

How does the new Vitrik™ surface play compared with felt?

Vitrik replicates the rolling properties of standard felt (worsted-wool cloth). It also allows the use of spin (English). Feedback from professional pool players has indicated it rolls just like a 400g/m2 – in other words slightly slower than a tournament cloth.

Spin (English) can be applied and the surface provides more friction than cloth giving a more aggressive effect. Traditional cloth surfaces change in speed as they wear out, and speeds also vary depending on whether they have recently been brushed. Vitrik rolls at a consistent rate over its entire lifetime.

How durable is the Vitrik playing surface?

Vitrik is a smooth, glossy material with fine mesh embedded and with proper care and maintenance, it is highly durable and will give years of service. Considerable testing has failed to tear it – even trick shots. 

We offer a 12 month warranty on the playing surface against workmanship. Warranty does not cover wear and tear, or misuse. 

The only way in which it can be damaged during game play is by striking the cue into it very hard with the cue steeply inclined. This can leave a light visual mark (just as it does on cloth), however it will not tear, unlike cloth. 

The only situations that we would expect this to occur is extreme trick shots and jump shots. Unlike cloth, Vitrik won’t fade and isn’t affected by humidity. It is easy to clean, is resistant to spills and doesn’t allow chalk or other particles to get under it. This prevents the degradation of play experienced after only a few years of usage of cloth surfaces.

How large does my room need to be?

For a 8’ x 4’ size table we recommend a room of at least 15.5 x 12 feet (4.7 x 3.7 metres) if using 48” cues.  Longer 58” cues require 17 x 13.5 feet (5.1 x  4.1 metres).

For a 7’ x 3.5’ size table we recommend a room of at least 14.5 x 11.5 feet (4.4 x 3.5 metres) if using 48” cues.  Longer 58” cues require 17 x 13.5 feet (4.7 x 5 metres).

For maximum stability, quality gameplay and solid feel, our tables and frame are manufacturing using heavy wall section metal beams – meaning they can weigh from 290kg up to 900kg! Customers are responsible for ensuring that their floor is structurally sound. If the table is not being installed on a ground floor, we recommend contacting a structural engineer or your builder.

What is the build quality of your products like?

Our products are hand built to order in Adelaide, Australia, using all Australian made components. We utilize only quality suppliers and have a high standard in all aspects of our manufacturing. Aside from some minor components such as fasteners, our products are made, constructed, painted and packed in Australia. You can be assured that you will receive a high quality product.

What cleaning/maintenance is required for the Vitrik™ surface?

For routine cleaning, we recommend using a slightly damp microfibre cloth.

We recommend the application of the polishing agent at least once per month to optimise its appearance and obtain maximum lifetime from the playing surface. 

Tell me more about frame construction.

The intention of our designs were to create a modern, minimalist appearance, while still making our tables very robust and strong. This was done to allow the tables to fit with more modern decors, which are light and open and make use of glass and metallic materials.

The table frame is all steel and aluminium, with the G7 featuring glass.  They will not warp or sag like timber, and are not affected by humidity.

What makes the frame stable?

The frame uses heavy duty, thick-wall steel beams and/or brackets. The design gives excellent support to all areas of the glass. It is engineered like modern architectural structures, to provide strength and rigidity with less material and visual bulk.

Is the playing surface available in different colours?

Vitrik is available in both transparent, frosted and colour finishes. The frosted finish creates the stunning visual effect of the balls floating on ice. If lit from underneath, the entire surface glows.

We can also colour your pool table top, either transparent or frosted, or we can apply custom graphics, images or logos etc. 

Are the frame and bumpers available in different colours and finishes?

Yes, both come in a wide range of colours and finishes, please contact us or download the available PDF documents for the current available options – these can be found under options/accessories.

Our powder coat finish is available in a large number of colours and textures and we can approximately match your colour scheme.

For a highly accurate colour match we also offer two pack automotive paint where we can very closely match your colours. 

What about the balls and cues, are they standard?

Both balls and cues are regulation size, our Vitrik surface requires the use of our custom finished ball set. 

We include Aramith Premiere 2 1/4″ balls with our pool tables.

How do I move the table?

Please contact us if you need to move the table. We recommend that Elite Innovations carry out the move to ensure it is set up correctly.

We use ultra high accuracy laser levelling equipment to ensure a highly accurate playing area.

On some of our pool tables, the ball return system is a complex series of components that need to be setup correctly to function reliably.

Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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