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G1 Virtuoso – Glass Pool Table

Striking modern aesthetics; ultra rigid steel beams radiating from a central point with ingenious integrated ball return system.

A striking design glass pool table featuring a metal base design providing 12 support points for the 15mm (0.6″) thick premium quality glass with exposed polished edges.

Watching pocketed balls make their way through the intricate pathway around the framework is a spectacle in itself. A fully exposed open pocket system with precise spacing gives the illusion that balls would fall through.

Our pool tables combine ultra modern styling with patented technology: 15mm (0.6”) thick monolithic float glass top with our proprietary transparent Vitrik playing surface on top. This is an innovation that replaces the traditional felt/cloth fabric stretched over a sheet of machined/honed slate.

The transparent Vitrik surface gives rolling resistance to the balls and allows spin/English while also providing total impact protection from game play to the glass underneath as well as allowing the balls to roll smoothly and quietly. See our videos page for a demonstration of the ball behaviour – it must be seen to be believed, it is truly a spectacular experience.

The glass bed under the playing surface is thick monolithic float glass, an inherently rigid, flat and consistent material leveled by gravity in the production process. With the transparent Vitrik top layer, this makes it an ideal material for a pool table. Unlike slate, it isn’t machined to make it flat and isn’t prone to sagging or absorbing moisture.

Vitrik retains consistent roll characteristics over its entire lifetime, unlike cloth, which varies with wear, damage, chalk build up and whether it has been brushed recently.

We provide our own custom ball set to work with Vitrik. If your Vitrik surface is damaged or is worn from heavy usage it can be re-covered onsite.

Modern CNC manufacturing coupled with hand construction and finishing makes this a beautiful high end piece that commands attention in any bleeding-edge futuristic interior.

From AUD$83,500 (USD$57,240*)

Available in 8×4′ or 7×3.5′

* USD Pricing is Indicative only. Updated weekly using


Available in a large range of colours and textures with our high quality and durable Interpon powder coat finish, we can also create virtually any finish to your taste or match any colour in a high end automotive two pack finish.

We can also offer gorgeous hand polished mirror finish plated in your choice of metal; including chrome, gold, copper and many more.

Bumpers / Lighting

Our K-66 bumpers are available in a wide variety of colours in Warwick’s Global Suede – an extremely durable material with a gorgeous fine nap.

Our optional RGB LED lighting system is available for any of our pool or game room tables. Via remote control it can be adjusted to make virtually any colour. We work with you to ensure it integrates with your game room’s wiring location.

Pool Table Covers

3 piece glass covers available for any pool table. Minimalist design with rubber edging and 8mm toughened glass while still being light enough to move. Convert your gorgeous pool table into a dining table or as an extra surface for entertaining.

Our pool tables are also available with removable Ping Pong top. Available in two pack painted wood, or transparent or painted glass to your colour choice. Features removable net posts and soft lined backing. Glass model features rubber edging for protection and storage.

Custom designed, built and installed game room pieces that are simply out of this world