G-1 Glass Top Pool Table

The G-1 Glass Top Pool Table installed in a high end modern interior in Queensland, Australia.

Tech Toys 360 featuring our G-1 pool table

Tech Toys 360 showcasing our Chrome G-1 pool table located in the Mr C Hotel, Beverly Hills, California.

“How Does a Glass Top Pool Table Work?

Our principal designer answers the most common questions we receive about our glass top pool tables.

G-4 Glass Top Pool Table

Demonstration of the G-4 pool table with transparent playing area and ball return system.

James “The Showboat” Georgiadis takes the G-1 Virtuoso for a Spin

James has a bit of fun ‘showboating’ on our table – see for yourself the properties of our transparent Vitrik playing surface.

“G-1 and G-4 Pool tables


– The G-1 pool table in an upscale Queensland bar painted in high gloss white,

– The G-1 pool table with high gloss black two pack paint and gold plated detailing.

– High gloss red G-4 pool table with ultra cool multi-colour LED lighting!.

Custom designed, built and installed game room pieces that are simply out of this world


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