• Glass Top Pool Tables That Command Attention

    Featuring glass top with transparent playing surface. The ultimate experience for your game room.

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  • The Exquisite All Glass Pool Table

    1” thick glass construction featuring the world’s only Levian crystal clear playing surface. The ultimate statement in modern.

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  • Ultra-Modern, Custom Made Game Room Products

    Our exquisite line of pool tables and game room furniture are custom made and unequaled the world over. We work closely with you to design, construct and personally install into your upscale residential or commercial premises..

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Elite Innovations design and build the most exciting glass-top pool tables and game room furniture in the world for our upscale clients.

We work closely with you to make your dreams a reality.

The Most Modern, Innovative Game Room Pieces In The Universe

We design and build the most exciting, ultra-modern pieces using the latest design and manufacturing technologies to your needs in our workshop in Adelaide, South Australia.

Edgar Polanco, our hands-on owner and director, can also help you customise any one of our striking pieces or create a completely new design to your taste.

Our mission is simple: create the best experience possible for you in designing, building and installing the most exciting game room pieces in the world.

The Worlds Only Transparent Top Pool Tables

We are the inventors the transparent pool table playing surface technology that allows the use of the incredibly flat and beautiful material… glass. 

Create an ultra modern synergy in your game room with our custom made works of game room art!

  • Seriously, I’ve never seen a pool table this stunning, making for a really unique take on the familiar bar staple.
    – Cool Things
  • With a transparent glass top set atop a glass base, the Elite X1 Everest Pool Table is an impressive piece of engineering
    – Uncrate
  • Cue the sounds of awe. The Australian design house Elite Innovations recently debuted their latest high-end, hi-tech pool table, the X1 “Everest,”
    – Inside Hook
Custom designed, built and installed game room pieces that are simply out of this world
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