High quality cues and balls to complement our pool tables


We supply high quality, 2 1/4″ Belgian made Aramith Premiere pool balls. 

Featuring our custom matte finish and chrome finished cue ball designed for use with our Vitrik playing surface. 

Every table purchase includes a ball and cue set. 


Our 58” Grafex Cues contain the most innovative cue technology available with unparalleled control and performance as well as superior balance and weight distribution.

Featuring a gorgeous two pack silver finish on the Graphite outer shell, the resin-filled core and CNC-manufactured stainless steel joint ensure straightness and minimal vibration.

Elkmaster 13mm tips made from high quality treated leather and feature adjustable weights in the base from 19-21oz. 

Custom designed, built and installed game room pieces that are simply out of this world
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