Ultra modern styling - uncompromised performance

Standard Triangles

Of course, the ‘standard’ triangles we offer are not exactly standard. Made of an aviation grade aluminium, the custom made Elite Innovations triangles are made in the USA by Delta 13 to very specific requirements. The triangles come in either ‘Grey’ or ‘Anodised Black’. The colour best matching the table is supplied – unless specified by the customer.

Premium Aluminium Triangle

An upgrade to the ‘Delta Elite’ triangle means you will be playing with the official triangle of the WPBA and strictly conforms to all international standards – certificate of accuracy included! It is a beautiful triangle with black anodised sides and raw aluminium corners.

G-Series Plexiglass Triangle

Our custom made plexiglass triangles are purposefully made to compliment the core transparent design of our pool tables. Only available at Elite Innovations, the aluminium spacers are machined by hand and the triangle is carefully assembled using state of the art bonding elements similar to the technology we use to make the glass pool table tops.

X-Series Triangle "The Cube"

Our latest addition to our plexiglass triangles. Only available at Elite Innovations, “The Cube” is representative of our passion for going beyond ‘the norm’ – who says a triangle can’t be a square? (Balls shown are for display purposes only).

Ultra Modern Styling - Uncompromised Performance

We have a passion to turn ideas into realities. We are a design house drawing from a variety of designers and inventors to develop products from which the world can find inspiration. We utilise a variety of methods to make each individual product. From complex CNC machine centres to one of South Australia’s best welders and machinists skilfully crafting each frame using only the best TIG welding process.


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