Customise your pool table through a variety of options; Powder coat, Grand Piano (Automotive), or chrome and gold plating.

Grand Piano Gloss (Two Pack)

This is included in the purchase of the G1 Pool Tables. If you are looking to raise the profile of, or customise, the G4 or G7 pool tables to something more unique and luxurious, we can upgrade the finish to a much more durable and smoother two pack “grand piano” finish. We apply a liberal coating of colour, rubbing back several times to achieve a beautifully smooth surface, and finally finish with a top quality and extremely hard clear coat. This is a very labour intensive process but the results are undeniable.

Powder Coating

The finish you can select for your pool table is truly limitless. We offer a range of Interpon powder coats as a guide, however, if what you are desire is not shown, we can colour match to suit your needs. Our ‘standard’ powder coat is the Mercury Silver but any finish can be selected for your pool table from the selection chart at no additional cost.

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Beyond painting, we also offer the option of chrome and/or 24c gold plating your custom pool table. Every single piece is polished by hand, ensuring only the best quality and zero flaking. The result of this process is breath taking and will ensure your custom pool table is the talking point of every person who has the privilege of playing on it.  We can also simply ‘highlight’ with gold plating by selecting particular components to gold plate (instead of plating the entire pool table).

Ultra Modern Styling - Uncompromised Performance

We have a passion to turn ideas into realities. We are a design house drawing from a variety of designers and inventors to develop products from which the world can find inspiration. We utilise a variety of methods to make each individual product. From complex CNC machine centres to one of South Australia’s best welders and machinists skilfully crafting each frame using only the best TIG welding process.


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