Pool Table Cushions/LED Lighting

Our luxurious pool table cushions and state of the art LED lighting will make your pool table the highlight of any event.


Choose from a variety of colours to match your pool table cushions to your décor. We use Warwick’s Global Suede range of fabrics; a commercial grade synthetic suede developed for heavy wearing environments. Both luxurious and extremely durable – this fabric is perfect for use on our luxury pool tables, and as pool table table cushions it is second to none.

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LED Lighting on your pool table is something we recommend as an ‘essential option’. Using the stylish wifi remote to control your table, theoretically, there are up to 26,000 colours to choose from! Pre-set programs also allow you easily cycle through colours and allow you to change the timing of the sequence so it coincides with music of your choosing.

If you would like to be able to control your LED lighting through a C-Bus or Smart House system, we can also replace our controller with one that is LAN compatible for a small additional charge.

Ultra Modern Styling - Uncompromised Performance

We have a passion to turn ideas into realities. We are a design house drawing from a variety of designers and inventors to develop products from which the world can find inspiration. We utilise a variety of methods to make each individual product. From complex CNC machine centres to one of South Australia’s best welders and machinists skilfully crafting each frame using only the best TIG welding process.


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