Balls/ Cues

Our pool balls and cues ensure you get the most out of your ultra modern pool table.


High quality, Belgian made Aramith pool balls. Each carefully polished by hand for a unique matte finish for use on our patented Vitrik playing surface. The Cue ball is specially treated resulting in a brilliant chrome finish for use on our tables. Only balls supplied by Elite Innovations are endorsed for use on Elite Innovations pool tables. Even if you don’t own one of our tables, our pool balls will significantly extend the life of your existing pool table and cloth.


Quality Alytex 58” aluminium cues by Palko (Australia). Our preferred cues to match the ultra-modern styling of our pool tables. Variable/removable weights in the base, strong and durable design, very comfortable to use and a pleasure with which to play. Two cues and matching bridge stick included with every table purchase.

Specs: Two Piece, 58” Cue with a 13mm replaceable tip. Weight adjustable range of 19-21oz.

Ultra Modern Styling - Uncompromised Performance

We have a passion to turn ideas into realities. We are a design house drawing from a variety of designers and inventors to develop products from which the world can find inspiration. We utilise a variety of methods to make each individual product. From complex CNC machine centres to one of South Australia’s best welders and machinists skilfully crafting each frame using only the best TIG welding process.


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